Server Updates & Notifications

Latest update 1025
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Welcome to EliteConquer (*NEW* US HOST - Los Angeles)
Any attempt of selling/buying items/cm direct ban! Don't even bother to complain.
World chat - English only please, or you will be muted.

    Rules to follow
  • Sharing accounts is done at your own risk. You alone are responsible for your own accounts.
  • Always treat the staff with respect. No insulting/cursing about them or the server.
  • It's forbidden to advertise any other servers. Your account will be permanently banned without prior notice.
  • It's forbidden to abuse bugs or any kind of glitch found in the game. If you happen to discover something please report it to us so it may be fixed.
  • It's forbidden to use bots/hacks of any kind. If you manage to find something that works on our server please report it to us so it may be patched.
  • If you're found using any mouse clicker or macro while away you will botjailed for a variable number of days.
  • Money fraud, charge-backs and/or abusing the donation/voting system, these infringements grant a permanent account ban
  • Selling accounts or ingame items/gold for real life currencies or items in other servers or just the attempt of doing so will result in all your accounts being permanently banned.
    31-10-2020 - Update and patch 1023
  • Star Socket NPC in mkt - an easy way to get a socket
  • Rates Boost World Wide NPC in TC
  • VIP NPC - Sells vip for Gold
  • GW ZONE - Hunting map for GW winners
  • Protections changes/improves
  • new Vip cards added for prizes and events
  • Name Changes - fixes
  • Uptime changes
    29-7-2020 - Update and patch 1021
  • Mining Cards
  • PVP - KingdomWar
  • PVP - City Wars
  • PVP - Event Changes
  • PVP - 3 Hits U Out
  • Money pack
  • New Garmets added
  • BidWar v1
  • Small changes/fixes
    11-3-2020 - Update and patch 1020
  • *LadyLuck - similar to retail but made to fit our server standards (adjustable)
  • *Delevel NPC - It can delevel your items in exchange of silvers (adjustable)
  • DivineHare (bug causing invalid meshes is now fixed)
  • Duel - now you can have spectator invited to your duel room
  • Duel - added missing hits info to scoreboard
  • Meditation - fixed - meditation now works on TG
  • New daily logs added to Database
  • Nobility - there was something wrong with damage (now working well melee/magic attacks)
  • Jail - amount of ores needed to leave was increased
  • Furniture - now you can have furniture to pimp your house
  • Discord - added server-messages and world-chat to discord
  • FreezeBomb - New type of bomb, it freezes enemies and reduces HP
  • New Configurator - added to the configurator, new options that you can turn it ON/OFF, so you won't need to type them
  • Other minor fixes
    10-1-2020 - Update and patch 1019
  • City Conquerors (new pvp event - you'll have to win the pole in the 1st city to move to the next, if you can't in 15m it will move automatically. Each pole has it's own prize. Prizes can be claimed in the proper npc at TC. The event will happen at Wednesdays [10am] and Saturdays [4pm].)
  • Linear skills angles were improved
  • New boss WARG will spawn Friday at 10am
  • New 5 garments (check website - garments 4)
  • BountyHunter delevel removed
  • some minor fixes on source
    28-1-2020 - Update and patch 1018
  • Some items are now tradeable or able to be dropped (blesskey, elitechest/key, etc.)
  • GW time fix - it will stop at 7pm sharp
  • New garment/effects bug is now fixed
    28-1-2020 - Update and patch 1015/16
  • Fixes on items names/prices
  • Raised rates a bit
  • New garment/effects added / soon at store
  • Working in a way to reduce the lag felt by some players, it's not been easy! Bear with us
    25-1-2020 - Update and patch 1014
  • New NPC ClassicGarment at Market
  • Fix at Npc Prize
  • Removed some effects to some players at war maps (test)
    19-1-2020 - Update and patch 1013
  • changes on protection behaviour
  • fix on miraculous gourd
    14-1-2020 - Update and patch 1012
  • Fixes on latest patch
  • world chat fix
  • cursor issue
    13-1-2020 - Update and patch 1011
  • Resolution modes improved
  • new Protection
  • *some minor fixes
    18-12-2019 - Update and patch 1010
  • Fixed some NPC names
  • New Christmas garment added
  • New time for GW is now set (check facebook for more details)
  • ConducterDarwen NPC added
  • CarolPages can now be stored at warehouses
    11-12-2019 - Update and patch 1009
  • DBDevil - There will 3 DbDevils spawning randomly at the usual 5 locations.
  • Duels - /joinpvp and /scroll disabled in duel. If you bet and quit by /dc or /break you'll lose.
  • Dragontail/Viperfang were added to fb/ss pvp events.
  • Reflect war/war skill - activation rate and reflect damage increased.
  • Nobility - added some minor advantages in defense/attack to the rankings.
  • Squama - everytime there's a server startup the squama are generated at random locations.
  • Lab bosses - Same as DBDevils the bosses will spawn at a given time with 1h interval and not at every startup.
  • Prizes - Boss and event prizes were slightly increased.
  • #Fixes
  • Prayingstone - fixed the bug that wasn't giving full stamina after revive.
  • Thunder - fixed the bug that was allowing the player to use thunder in PK mode and not getting blue name blinking
  • mute - fixed the bug that wasn't registering the time a player was muted, so he would be forever muted.
  • GM - GM can now trade or drop items.
  • Added more stats to composing logs.
  • Scatter - fixed the bug that wasn't allowing to scatter on PK mode inside the mines.
  • Fixed some errors at TCWAR.
  • Added logs to house chest items.
  • Donation Points - the PM can now give DPs by command to players (just in case something fails in the system).
  • Other minor fixes
  • Christmas drops already begin. Keep them with you, at 18th December Snowman and ConducterDarwen will appear at TC.
    22-10-2019 - Update
  • Shop/PrizeNPC - from now on the system changed, we will start using Donation Points (1DP=1USD) also you may win DPS bonus depending on the DPS pack you buy, DPs will be used at PrizeNPC where you will have many options to chosee where to spent the DPS.
  • Skill Championship - [FastBlade, ScentSword, ViperFang] [min. 4 players to run] [once a week] [Prize+Hallo for the top 3 winners]
  • Captcha system - While hunting for a certain time, a box will come out and you'll have to insert a certain number. If you don't do it, you will be disconnected.
  • Waiting lobby - PK is disabled at this map.
  • Bosses - Attack range increased
  • New Bosses added - SnowBanshee (Thursday 17:45) and Capricorn (Tuesday 12:45)
  • Exp Events - You may win a % of experience as reward at some pvp events (if you aren't lvl 130 ofc)
  • Freeze War - There's a change: you'll get freezed if you get hit or killed, also 1hit=1 point, 1kill=2 points
  • Invisibility - doesn't do any effect against bosses
  • Mute - fixed it - from now on if I see non English language at world chat, you will be muted.
  • Poison zap - it will not work against flying archers (barely tested, let me know if it's not working)
  • Maps - fixed some maps errors, hopefully will improve the invalid jumps too
  • ClassPK Hallow - fixed - it will not disappear after you disconnect
  • ClassPK invite - it will invite the correct class for the day
  • Kill the Fugitive - You won't get redname while doing the event (fire class)
  • GW/CCGW/TCWAR - money prize was increased
  • Guilds Death Match - reward increased: 10M, blacktulip, prayingstone(s)
  • EliteFighters effect - the effect from CCGW winners can now be disabled by the command /disableeffects (you may get offscreen once)
  • GW Stats - guild players numbers stats added (testing something)
  • Guild Director - strange characters on guild names will be blocked
  • Patrols - city guards added on some maps
  • Nobility will be resetting every month
  • DB Devil - spawns now by every 8h
  • Celestial skill - fixed - now it improves at gw gates
  • Invitation box - added more events to be blocked if vip player uses the /msgbox command
  • GW Jail - Pardon times were changed to be every 15 minutes
  • Other minor fixes
    04-09-2019 - small update
  • CCGW - pole HP has been fixed on new start
  • CCGW - once the event ends you will now be teleported to Market (to avoid any PK at TC)
  • Website - ranks - top KO fixed
  • Kill the Captain - active again
  • Class PK - this event will now be at 15:00
  • /Clearinv - fixed (was not clearing some items)
  • Effect for final GW winners was added
  • Added 2 new items - EliteKey + EliteChest (100 random prizes) - while hunting mobs can drop those, the elitechest requires the elitekey to be opened
  • Added to source PrayingStones (s) (m) (l) - will be awarded as prizes soon
  • Reborn Attack bow - fixed (when activated wasn't giving its max attack)
  • CCGW/TWIN CITY WAR - Prizes increased a bit
  • Other minor fixes
  • TC WAR (messed score points & pole winner guild unable to hit it again) hope it's fixed now.
  • Website fixes - it will announce tcwar/ccgw winner at frontpage.
  • Website - added a page where you can check some commands and events schedule.
  • Poison blade from now on, won't 1hit you. When active it will reduce in half your HP, same as poison effect.
  • Fixed some statistics errors that will help me control rates.
  • Kill the Captain - prize is now set to only top 3 players of the winning team, tortoise gem was removed (due to recent abuses).
  • Ghost can't use the scroll command anymore.
  • CCGW - winner is being reset from now on every new event.
  • Characters auto backup has now a 4h interval
  • Dodge skill wasn't fixing at 100%, fixed.
  • DB and Exp event was duplicated, fixed.
  • Vip aura was enabled, vip players will not have the Elite Vip effect on top of the char.
  • Dragon King event was enabled.
  • For vip players: you can turn event popup message with command /msgbox
  • World chat - removed the online points requirement, the 5min interval between messages remain. (it can be less if I see more English instead of another language)
  • Other minor fixes

You can type and use certain commands in-game as normal players (*-VIP only):

  • /discord - to open #Elite discord channel
  • /facebook - to open Elite FB page
  • /report - to open a page where you can suggest/report ideas/bugs
  • /ally - to enable or disable guild chat between your alliance
  • /supergems - to enable or disable supergems effects
  • /disableeffects - to enable or disable ccgw "Elite Fighter" effect
  • /uptime - to display info related to players/server
  • /afk - to enable away from keyboard
  • /joinpvp - to join pvp events when they are active
  • /roll number - to play a roll event
  • /clearinv - to clean everything inside your inventory - once you do this there's no way to go back
  • /dc - it disconnect you from the game - doesn't work at guildwar map
  • /vip - shows your vip info
  • /players - it displays players online
  • /items - it displays number of items inside inventory
  • /revive - it the revive button is missing, use the command.
  • /passive - to activate/desactivate passive skills
  • /msgbox - enable/disable event invitation popup
  • /vipmineores - to enable or disable - it will skip ores and keep the good stuff :)
  • /viploot super - to enable or disable autoloot of super items
  • /viploot elite - to enable or disable autoloot of elite items
  • /viploot bless - to enable or disable autoloot of blessed items
  • /agi number - to automatically give you the attribute points on agility
  • /str number - to automatically give you the attribute points on strenght
  • /spi number - to automatically give you the attribute points on spirit
  • /vit number - to automatically give you the attribute points on vitality
  • /lab2 - if you have the token of the specific lab it will automatically teleport you there
  • /lab3 - if you have the token of the specific lab it will automatically teleport you there
  • /lab4 - if you have the token of the specific lab it will automatically teleport you there
  • /scroll tc - automatically teleports you to Twin City
  • /scroll ma or mk - automatically teleports you to Market
  • /scroll ac - automatically teleports you to Ape City
  • /scroll dc - automatically teleports you to Desert City
  • /scroll pc - automatically teleports you to Phoenix Castle City
  • /scroll bi - automatically teleports you to Bird Island City
  • Meteor drop x2 - 1H 6H 11H 16H 21H (1H event )
  • DragonBall drop x2 - 2H 7H 12H 17H 22H (1H event )
  • Experience x2 - 3H 8H 13H 18H 23H (1H event )
  • Skills/Proficiency x2 - 4H 9H 14H 19H 24H (1H event )
  • Plus 1 drop x2 - 5H 10H 15H 20H (1h event )